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Our portable oxygen concentrators are smaller and lighter than ever. That means freedom to go out and enjoy life. Let us help you experience a life that's no longer tied to your favorite chair or home oxygen concentrator! Our expert staff is ready to help you decide on the right machine for your next outing.

Breaking free from home oxygen

All of our portable o2 equipment is in-stock and ready for purchase. That means no waiting around and no missed adventures. Get the smallest, lightest portable o2 technology with the longest battery life available. Check out our products online and then call in for a custom quote! Or come visit our local shop in Jacksonville.

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We're here to free that adventurous spirit in you. Come check out our line of in-stock portable o2 concentrators so you can be where you want to be. Our equipment experts are here to help fit the right machine to your prescription.

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A perfect companion

Pack light for your next outing with OxyGo & OxyGo Fit. From the makers of Inogen.

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SimplyGo & live life

You don't have to be tied down by your oxygen treatment anymore. SimplyGo Mini by Respironics.

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Activate with Activox

Activox by Resmed is a powerful 4 Liter concentrator in a small package.

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