Mayhugh's Medical Knows Respiratory Care

Home Respiratory Equipment

Respiratory equipment is at the heart of our company. We cater to various respiratory diseases such as COPD, Asthma, Sleep Apnea, Chronic Heart Failure, Respiratory Failure and more. Our Team is equipped with the understanding of these and other disease states and how they are properly treated. Our goal is to help our patients heal at home. We strive to give all our patients and caregivers a thorough understanding of the equipment and its proper use based on the doctor's instructions. 

Equipment & Services we offer include:

  • Home Medical Oxygen Equipment (Stationary Oxygen Concentrators) 
  • Portable Oxygen Concentrators & Portable Tanks 
  • Home Oxygen Discharge for Hospitals (Same Day Service) 
  • Nebulizers
  • CPAP, AutoPAP, BiPAP/BiLevel Machines
  • Trilogy Non-Invasive Ventilators with plan of care and one-on-one training provided by a licensed, board certified respiratory therapist
  • Suction Machines 
  • Tracheotomy supplies
  • Free Delivery, Setup and Instruction (50mi radius) 

Home O2 For Hospital Discharge

Everyday we are teaming up with hospital care coordinators to ensure their patient's smooth transition from hospital to home. We understand the importance of the equipment we provide in preventing re-admittance. We offer Same Day delivery of portable oxygen with home setup and instruction for all your patients. This includes DME and other equipment. 

Our equipment is always in-stock in our warehouse centrally located at 1855 Cassat Ave, Suite 6, Jacksonville, FL 32210. All our billing is done in-house, and we request prior authorizations - when necessary - for all equipment orders. All this means, quick response time and little to no waiting for the patient.